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Honduras single-origin espresso

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Rizopoulo’s Espresso, a 100% Arabica blend, from exquisite varieties grown in Honduras.

  • Intensity: light
  • Roasting: Dark
  • Taste: rich & sweet
  • Aroma: rich with mild smooth texture
  • Aftertaste: lasting sweetness
  • Origin: Honduras

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🌟 Have you ever wondered what makes your coffee experience unique? We’re about to unveil an experience unlike any other. Today is the day we introduce you to the world of Single-origin Honduras espresso. 🌍☕

We begin with a flavor that invites you to explore. Have you ever imagined savoring a coffee with a rich, sweet taste that travels you to the exotic shores of Honduras with every sip? 🌴🍫 The smooth intensity and delicate roasting create a rare harmony.

But what makes Honduras espresso so unique? It’s the subtle acidity that blends with a sweet aftertaste, featuring gentle notes of red fruits. 🍒🍓 Imagine enjoying every moment with a coffee that fills you with such exquisite flavors.

And it’s not just the taste. Every pack of Honduras espresso is roasted and ground with love and care, ensuring freshness and superior quality. 🌞🌾 The packaging preserves its aroma and rich flavor impeccably.

Now imagine waking up every morning with the anticipation of discovering a coffee like this. How would it feel to start your day with such a delightful experience? ️🌅 A moment crafted for you, deserving to become your daily ritual.

Remember, your delight in a fine espresso is an integral part of our coffee craft—an artistry harmonizing tradition with innovation. 🎨🌟

So, what do you think? Are you ready to discover Single-origin Honduras espresso and let its taste take you on a journey? 🚀🌍


  1. All our coffees are freshly roasted and ground daily for you to savor their utmost freshness.
  2. They are meticulously packaged in hermetically sealed containers to ensure the preservation of their unrivaled aroma and rich flavors.
  3. After opening, store them in an airtight jar, avoiding areas with humidity (such as the refrigerator).

TIP: If you choose to buy it whole (that is, in beans), you should know that you will need to grind it very fine to enjoy the best flavor and result. Fine grinding ensures the maximum release of aromas and flavors, making each sip a unique experience.

Ideal coffee to water ratio

To enjoy the perfect taste of single-origin espresso from Honduras, it is important to follow the correct coffee to water ratio. The recommended ratio is 1:15, meaning for every 1 gram of coffee, you should use 15 ml of water.

For example, if you use 18 grams of coffee, you will need 270 ml of water. This ratio ensures a balanced flavor, providing a rich and harmonious coffee experience.

Funny Coffee Fact 🤓:

Rizopoulos Coffee Beans

Did you know that each bean of this delightful coffee ☕ weighs approximately 0.154 grams? Let’s do some fun math! 🧮

  1. Say you’re a fan of cold espresso (yes, I’m talking about the beloved freddo espresso ☕❄️) or perhaps you lean towards a couple of cappuccinos each day ☕🥛.
  2. If that’s your daily ritual, then over the span of a month, you’re consuming a whopping 7,394 coffee beans! 😲
  3. That’s right, you’re a coffee champion 🏆, sipping your way through 1.04 kilograms of coffee beans in just 30 days.

Imagine that! It’s like you’re lifting a small bag of coffee with each sip 💪. So next time you’re enjoying your favorite cup, remember, you’re not just drinking coffee, you’re embarking on a grand bean adventure, one tiny bean at a time 🌱➡️☕. Keep sipping and keep counting those beans! 📈🎉

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