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Strong filter coffee

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Strong Rizopoulos filter coffee.

  • Intensity: strong
  • Roasting: Dark
  • Origin: Brazil, Colombia, India
  • Blend: Arabica, Robusta

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Enjoy our special filter coffee with strong characteristics and a powerful aroma, resulting from the blend of varieties from Central and South America. With years of experience in the art of coffee and in combination with our traditional filter coffee brewing recipe, we achieve the release and enhancement of the aromas that the coffee possessed when it was still a fruit.


  1. All our coffees are freshly roasted and ground daily for you to savor their utmost freshness.
  2. They are meticulously packaged in hermetically sealed containers to ensure the preservation of their unrivaled aroma and rich flavors.
  3. After opening, store them in an airtight jar, avoiding areas with humidity (such as the refrigerator).
Learn how to make the best filter coffee at home here.
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